For over 20 years, Univera has remained at the forefront of sharing the powerful capabilities of the Aloe vera plant while giving back to the communities we serve around the world.

The magic lies in our carefully selected all-natural formulations, which are expertly created to promote healing and support full-body wellness.

Instead of taking shortcuts or cutting corners, we apply pharmaceutical standards to botanical product development with the following:

  • Full-scale genomics, proteomics, biochemical, biological, and proton NMR capabilities
  • Unrivaled insight and knowledge of 50 full-time scientists
  • Medicinal plant treasury holding more than 17,000 plants and 300,000 fractions
  • Over 200 patents or patents pending in 27 areas of product research
  • More than 10,000 farm acres under cultivation
  • 250,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

Why Univera?


As the world’s largest producer of premium aloe, Univera provides 100% hand-harvested peak aloe, specially grown and selected to deliver a variety of therapeutic health benefits to consumers.

Industry Leadership

With over 200 patents and more than 10,000 farm acres under cultivation, Univera has become a global leader in research, development, manufacturing, and distribution.


Univera is uniquely positioned to address the nutritional needs of at-risk children worldwide.

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