Solanyx® 14 Day Capsules & 14 Night Capsules

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Solanyx® Day

  • Timed-release powerful immune-supporting complex*
  • Promotes robust immune health*

Solanyx® Night

  • Helps provide restful sleep*
  • Supports the body’s natural defense system*


What Your Body Needs

Solanyx® provides you immune support when your body needs it most. This 7-day immune support can be taken at the first sign of discomfort or when entering an environment that may compromise your immune function.

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    The Univera Difference

    Solanyx® Day provides free radical fighting antioxidants and vitamin C along with the powerful immune-stimulating herbs echinacea, elderberry and olive leaf extracts plus a unique mushroom blend and N-Acetyl Cysteine, both shown to support the immune system and support the body’s detoxification mechanisms.*

    Solanyx® Night provides established and cutting edge calmative nutrients to help you get the restful and restoring sleep you need. In addition, the formula includes zinc, selenium, blueberry extract and vitamin C for immune support and free radical protection.*

    Solanyx® comes in two convenient bottles with 14 caplets each for a full weeks worth of this powerful immune booster. The timed-release delivery form means optimum absorption and continual release of these immune stimulating nutrients throughout your body, day and night.

    The product is manufactured within cGMP certified facilities in USA, they are NSF certified and meticulously third-party tested.

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    What Our Customers are Saying Now

    Roberta S.
    I am so thankful that Univera is carrying the original Km product. I believe it is a major reason for my present health at age 88.
    - Roberta S.
    I can be anxious and impatient and Km helped me with a calmer way of being. I've used it in so many ways with great results. As long as it's available, I'll never stop drinking it.
    - JoAnne
    Melvin S.
    Km is the best supplement I have ever used. I have more energy, I am sleeping better, and generally feel 20 years younger. Thank you for continuing Karl's work.
    - Melvin S.
    Richard L.
    When I was introduced to Km by a co-worker back in 1992, I felt then as I do now, that I had received a divinely inspired creation. It is truly remarkable. Over the years, I have recommended Km to family members, friends, and strangers alike.
    - Richard L.
    Solanyx® 14 Day Capsules & 14 Night Capsules