1. Start Labor Day with an Exclusive Sale from Univera! 29Aug

    Start Labor Day with an Exclusive Sale from Univera!

    To celebrate Labor Day, we have created an exclusive offer you will not want to miss! 

    Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and became a federal holiday in 1894. It is a day we get to spend with our family and enjoy the rewards of working hard and building a career for yourself that you can be proud of. 

    Experience the amazing benefits of Xtra® Concentrate for 20% off for a limited time! 

    How To Redeem:

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  2. Full-Spectrum Health Support with MaxCell 08Aug

    Full-Spectrum Health Support with MaxCell

    Maxcell is a 30-day renewal system that is a dietary supplement focused on delivering full-spectrum support for overall health.

    What Does That Mean?

    Maxcell is a mixture of natural plant extracts that can be used to deliver a variety of biologically active agents. These are compounds that can engage in and influence an organ, tissue or cell. Some common examples of this would be enzymes, drugs, vitamins, and phytochemicals. The goal of Maxcell is to enhance the performance of active ingredients to magnify communication between cells and response to active nutrients by providing renewal of the “building blocks” of life-cells. *

    What exactly is Maxcell™? It is formulated from a novel combination of natural plant extra

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