Maizinol: The Hidden Connection Between Corn and Better Quality Sleep 06Mar

Maizinol: The Hidden Connection Between Corn and Better Quality Sleep

What is Maizinol® - a Zea-mays (corn leaf)-derived, patented, clinically proven natural sleep aid, stress and mood health ingredient that contains proprietary standardized natural compounds known to bind to melatonin receptors and produce melatonin-like effects for better sleep quality.*

What is meant by falling asleep?

(Mechanics of Sleep Cycles and Quality)

Non-REM – three-stage cycle of sleep

Sleep studies show that 75-80% of a person’s journey falling to sleep is spent transitioning through the first three stages of these identified sleep cycles. Lighter sleeping cycles are associated with stages 1-2.

Stage 1 – occurs as you first fall asleep, and people are sometimes not aware they have just fallen asleep yet. Followed by a relaxing state of being, and vitals begin to change and slow down.

Stage 2 – roughly 20 minutes after beginning the first cycle of sleep. In stage 2 a person will lose track of their awareness and awakened mind state. Your body begins to increase your vitals again, and your brain becomes increasingly active again.

Stage 3 – stage of sleep, is known as entering “deep sleep.” Maximum relaxation occurs and certain vitals slow again, external disturbances are less likely to interrupt this stage of essential sleep which your body is recharging and repairing itself.

Entry to REM - Stage 4 – similar to stage 3 prolonged periods of uninterrupted rest within this stage delivers the feelings of being “well-rested.” It is common for people to say “they got a good night’s rest” once this stage of sleeping is fulfilled. And this is the stage that people engage in dreaming.

Desired results from improved sleeping patterns

The key to achieving longer periods of sleep and feeling well-rested is spending uninterrupted time in sleep cycles 3-4. By giving your body the essential time needed to rest, replenish, and repair itself, your brain functions more clearly and you have an increased amount of energy as well as lasting mental clarity as you approach your day.

Activity-related disruptors of healthy sleep and natural rest –

In modern times ‘new technological era,’ many new devices that we utilize daily (or in this case nightly), can add to the ongoing barriers to obtaining a good night’s sleep. Other than activities, more traditional interrupters of rest can be tied directly to diet, increased stress levels, underlying medical illnesses, and many other known barriers.

Below are a few known factors that may negatively affect a person’s ability to sleep:

  • Late night TV watching
  • Excessive time spent on digital devices prior to attempting to sleep
  • Poor eating habits before bed
  • High intake of sugar and caffeine daily (or nightly)

How can Maizinol maintain your natural sleep health?

Clinical data and functional support from Maizinol sleep aid formula:

  • Maizinol™ shows significant mood improvement in adults
  • Maizinol™ is effective at supporting mood and well-being within a small serving size and a once-per-day dosage.*
  • Safe for human consumption at the recommended daily dosages.
  • Non-habit forming than with other leading ingredients.


Maizinol – utilized as a functional dietary supplement that is “natural” due to its corn-based formula and is a promising solution for promoting better quality sleep in comparison to undesired chemical-based sleep aids currently sold on the supplements market.*

Univera utilizes this patented formula in our highly effective natural sleep enabling products. Obtaining better sleep is essential as it allows for your body and mind to repair stress and damage naturally.

Maizinol – is attributed to supporting normal cognitive functions, as proven through many clinical trials spanning from 4-8 weeks in duration. During these findings, it has been identified that Maizinol is extremely effective in supporting mood and the body’s response to ongoing stress levels.*

Univera Brand understands how critical healthy sleep functions are for the human body, try our natural dietary supplements for yourself, and discover the Univera difference first-hand.

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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