Natural Dreams Univera Clinical Study 10Jun

Natural Dreams Univera Clinical Study

Unlock the Secrets to Better Sleep with Natural Dreams by Univera 

Are you struggling with sleepless nights and restless mornings? The Natural Dreams dietary supplement offers a scientifically proven solution to enhance your sleep quality and overall well-being. Based on a comprehensive clinical study, this article explores the efficacy, benefits, and user experiences of Natural Dreams with Maizinol, providing valuable insights into how this supplement can transform your sleep.


Overview of the Clinical Study 


The clinical study conducted by Unigen Inc. evaluated the effectiveness of Natural Dreams in improving sleep quality over a four-week period. The study involved 33 participants who were assessed using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) and Profile of Mood States (POMS). The results were compelling, showing significant improvements in various aspects of sleep and mood. 


Improved Sleep Quality 

PSQI Global Score: Participants reported a significant improvement in their overall sleep quality. The PSQI global score decreased by 19.91% in week 2 and 23.45% in week 4, indicating better sleep quality and fewer sleep disturbances. 
Subjective Sleep Quality: There was a notable enhancement in subjective sleep quality, with a 35.71% improvement by week 4 (p=0.003). 




Faster Sleep Onset 


Participants have reported that in week 4 after taking ND, they fell asleep by 26.61% faster.  
Sleep latency is one of the most important aspects of your nighttime hygiene. An optimal sleep latency ensures that your sleep cycle is not disturbed and gives the body the recovery that it needs 


Reduced Daytime Dysfunction 


Daytime Functionality: The study found a significant reduction in daytime dysfunction, which improved by 23.61% by week 4 (p=0.007), allowing participants to feel more alert and productive during the day. 
Sleep regulates the production of hormones like cortisol, which controls your body's stress response. With adequate sleep, cortisol levels are balanced, promoting feelings of alertness and well-being. 


Enhanced Mood 


Profile of Mood States: Participants experienced a significant improvement in mood states, with reduced total mood disturbance scores at the week 2 post-treatment interval. 
Sleep plays a crucial role in memory consolidation. While you sleep, your brain processes and stores information from the day, making it easier to recall and learn new things when you're well-rested. When it is easier to recall and learn new things, your brain produces more dopamine and usually elevates your mood. 

User self-assessment questionnaire 

Participants provided positive feedback regarding their experience with Natural Dreams: 

  1. A majority of subjects (77%) believe stress and anxiety most affect their sleep quality, and 61% take sleep aids to combat trouble falling and staying asleep. 
  2. Deep sleep is considered the most important aspect of healthy sleep by 74% of subjects, and 77% view melatonin as a safe sleep aid ingredient. 
  3. Over 80% of subjects prefer sleep aids that are natural and chemical-free, fast-acting, and do not cause next-day drowsiness or grogginess. 
  4. 64.5% believe natural sleep aids are safer than synthetic ones, and 71% are willing to try new sleep aid supplements. 
  5. After 28 days of using Natural Dreams, over 80% of subjects are likely to purchase it, and more than 90% rate their sleep quality as fair to excellent. 

Why Choose Natural Dreams? 


Natural Dreams stands out for its natural formulation and clinically proven benefits. Here are a few reasons why it’s the preferred choice for those seeking better sleep: 
Natural Ingredients: Users believe that natural sleep aids are safer than synthetic ones, with many preferring the efficacy and safety of Natural Dreams. 
Fast-Acting: The supplement is designed to act quickly, helping users fall asleep faster without causing next-day grogginess through the use of Maizinol. 




Natural Dreams by Univera offers a scientifically backed solution to improve sleep quality, reduce reliance on sleeping medications, and enhance overall well-being. With significant improvements in sleep latency, sleep quality, and daytime functionality, Natural Dreams is the ideal choice for anyone looking to achieve restful nights and energetic mornings. 
Embrace the power of natural sleep with Natural Dreams and experience the difference in your sleep quality and daily life. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to sweet dreams! 
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